The Best Handmade Bonnets in Texas
Mattie's Bonnets

Selecting Your Bonnet Size


The bonnet size you select should be based on the length and thickness of your hair.

We have designed the medium size for thick and fine hair that is short or shoulder length. 

The large design is perfect for thick long hair that is past the shoulders. If you have

very long braids or dreadlocks we recommend a braid bonnet which allows hair to hang down.

Wearing a bonnet that is too small for the thickness and length of your hair will  

come off as you sleep. Using an ajustable bonnet will provide extra hold and keep it in place.

Tip: Have two sizes for when you change hair between short and long styles. Also, it's nice to own at least two bonnets in case you temporarily misplace one. 


Rememer to always wash your bonnet in a lingere bag to prevent damage from the washing machine. Or just wash by hand and allow to air dry.