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"Hi I just purchased a Mattie's Bonnet. It is soft and smooth and feels wonderful on. I love my color. Mattie's Bonnets are the best. If you don't have one yet you should try it."

Yvette (return customer)


"I love my black and gold one so much and this one is beautiful! :)"



"Thank you for my bonnet!! I love it!!

Jewel (return customer)


"I love Mattie's Bonnets because when I go to bed with it on and take it off in the morning, I don't have to do any flat ironing or touch-up to my hairstyle. The bonnet lays my edges and maintains the curl pattern of my hair. I own 2 and love them! I even wear my bonnet in the shower and my hair stays protected. Thank You!"

Donna D.


"...I got the bonnets this weekend! They are awesome. I've been using the cheetah one. It matches my Pjs lol...It's perfect...Again thank you!"

Donna (return customer)


"I love the feel of the material of the drawstring bonnet. Your sewing is perfect. What a great idea to add grommets to the bonnet! The packaging is very professional. I'm impressed! Excellent job!! I look forward to wearing this beautiful bonnet when I get braids again.



"The AKA bonnet is as beautiful as it is functional. It is reversible, and that concept is always an added plus. I have the large size, and even though I don't have my hair in braids right now, it will definitely accommodate the masses when I do.The quality is superb! I would purchase this again easily! Thanks Mattie's Bonnets!"

Donna W.


"Thank you so much for the bonnet, hair wrap and scrunchie! I love the material! The bonnet fits Great!...I'm so proud of you, and I wish you much success..."



'Thank you so much for my hair bonnet! This bonnet is design with comfort in mind. I have migranes and it's not tight across my forehead which most bonnets are! I have been wearing it all day and it's very comfortable. I have locs and it keeps my locs in place and keep my locs moisturize...I would highly recommend this hair bonnet? I love the lace on the outside and satin on the inside, very well made!"

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