Mattie's Bonnets

"The Last Bonnet You'll Ever Need"

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Welcome to Mattie’s Bonnets online store!

I dedicate this store to all the ladies that have asked me

"Do you have a website?"

Why did I start making bonnets?


 I couldn't find a decent one in the stores to fit my long locs. So, I created a silky handmade satin bonnet that is durable, maintains hairstyles, keeps out lint and dust and prevents tangled and frizzy hair. Everything I want in a bonnet!


Do you make the bonnets?

Yes, I embrace the entrepreneurial spirit by personally making each product with the highest quality materials available to me. I've designed each bonnet for comfort while you sleep or lounge around the house. If you are going to spend lots of money getting your hair done you should protect it!

Mattie's bonnets will be the last bonnet you'll ever need! 

You can find me selling my handmade products at craft shows, vendor fairs, and expos in the state of Texas. I love meeting phenomenal women of all ages, race, and ethnicity, that’s America!

Thank you to all the ladies and men I’ve met this past year that have supported and encouraged me to press on with my dream.


Peace & Love,