Unisex- No Ruffle Satin Cap

Unisex- No Ruffle Satin Cap


For the men with dreadlocks and women that don't want a ruffled edge on their satin cap. Protects your hair from cotton pillow covers while you sleep. You can also wear as you lounge around the house to keep hair off the back of your neck and back while relaxing.

Wear under your knit hat!


Handmade with 21" elastic. If you need more elastic please add accurate head measurement and request in "special instructions box".

NOTE: Please be aware that elastic naturally looses its stretch over time. With proper care/handling it may last up to 2 years or more. If this concerns you consider purchasing our drawstring satin bonnet instead. We offer elastic replacement if needed. See details under registration for information.


Reversible, double-line, soft silky charmeuse satin,
Soft gentle high quality elastic that does not fold when stretched

  • Sizes
  • Small 10" circumference fits short thick hair
  • Medium 12" circumference fits shoulder length to long hair
  • Large 13.5" circumference fits long to extra thick hair
  • Ready to ship in 3-5 business days
  • Please be aware that colors you see may vary due to computer settings.
  • Please register your bonnet once you receive it!
  • Elastic Bonnet Care Instructions

    Chemicals in haircare products can break down elastic therefore wash your satin bonnet weekly to reduce product build up. Failure to do so may reduce stretch within 3 to 6 months.

    We offer elastic replacement if needed. See details under registration tab.

    Hand wash, dry flat, or machine wash in mesh laundry bag to prevent damage. Use mild detergent.